John Faas Coin

Image of John Faas Coin


History of the Challenge coin:

During WWI pilots carried Medallion coins with them as a show of respect, loyalty,oath and camaraderie for their unit. This tradition came about after a pilot was shot down, captured;escaped , and then thought to be a spy at the front lines where they were going to execute him. The only ID the pilot had to prove his identity was his coin, which saved his life. Ninety years later this tradition still continues.

As the owner of a challenge coin it represents your affiliation, Oath, camaraderie and loyalty to the organization minted on the coin. A challenge is made by presenting your coin to another coin owner who is required to produce their coin. If the individual fails to produce their coin then they are obligated to buy you a drink. However, if they produce their coin, then you owe them a drink.